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We offer training to a limited number of horses. We concentrate primarily in trail training, but also perfecting them for the show ring as well.  We do everything from starting young horses under saddle to finishing the older horse, correcting existing problems, or just conditioning your finished horse for the trail season. We do specialize in the gaited breeds, but will also accept non gaited breeds as well.

We strongly encourage (but don't require) horses to be shod before coming here for training. We will train a barefoot horse, but in past experiences, it does limit the amount of riding time we can put on them. Our trails in this area are mountainous, steep, and rocky, and can be tough on the barefoot horse and make them gimpy on the rocks when ridden on these trails day after day. We do have a farrier available to put shoes on a horse when they come here, cost is in addition to training costs!

Horses should be up to date on shots and coggins, and in good health when they arrive. We reserve the right to decline any horse not presented in good health.

We encourage horses to have a dental check up and have wolf teeth pulled (if present) before coming to training. This helps limit bitting issues caused by the wolf teeth and also allows us to spend more time training the horse, rather than realizing a week into training that the horse is fighting the bit due to teeth issues, and then having to get a dentist out in the middle of training, which sets us back due to recovery time from pulling teeth.

When your horse leaves our training program, it will be willingly crossing creeks, logs, and other trail obstacles. It will have been exposed to dogs, traffic, deer, and any other wildlife we may encounter while we're out in the mountains. The horse will have experience riding alone as well as in groups of other horses. The horse will be required to lead a group, ride in the middle, and follow behind.... while showing good manners in all positions.

We also work on setting the horses in a correct 4 beat gait without the use of special shoeing or artificial devices. We promote the sound, natural gaited horse.  All efforts will be made to get a horse gaiting properly and to have a desirable head set while in gait. We have a gentle touch with our horses, but at the same time, horses will be made to behave and not be pushy or disrespectful to the human's "space".

The cost for training is $550/month.

This will include the training and grain costs. HAY IS NOT INCLUDED!!!

We do have pasture available during spring and summer months but if your horse comes at a time of year when we do not have grass, you must provide the necessary hay for the time your horse will be here (usually 15-20 bales per month). We only put up enough hay in the summer to feed our own personal horses due to limited storage space. Any vet or farrier expenses are additional.

We make no guarantees on how long a horse will need to stay here as it varies between each individual horse, and how quickly they learn, and also what level the owner wants the horse to be at by the time it leaves here.

This is not a situation where your horse will be worked with for 20 minutes a day, he/she will be going on 2 to 6 hour trail rides several times a week once it learns the basics of riding.
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