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Duke "Kara and Scotty are honest as the day is long and if they say it's smooth - it's smooth."  - Janine Stenson in VA (with Duke)
"I purchased my Legacy from Kara and Scotty, HIGHLY recommend! Their vet is awesome also. Perfect transaction - perfect horse. He is the BEST horse ever.  We were MADE for each other.Wish I could buy another from you, when the time is right, I'll be first in line!   He is my dream, and I see him every day. He's the BEST! Thanks!" - Ginger Anderson, ME Legacy and Ginger

"Anyone looking at this lady's horses I recommend you buy them... they are good bloodline horses and not crazy. The black walking horse I got off of you is doing really great... rode him all weekend."  - Matt Calhoun, WV

Shandy "I just wanted to tell you how much I love Cash/Shandy!!!  He is fitting in perfectly with my pre-purchased personal checklist expectations - of what I ultimately wanted in a trail, parade and companion horse!!! Not to mention how beautiful his palomino color is - I've gotten many compliments and passed on your website to people here. I just want to thank you for training him so well.  He fits my needs perfectly and you were so helpful in finding transport to get him here to Illinois." Sue Hilton, IL
 Just want to tell you that we LOVE Tiny Tim already!!!!!!! When we are ready for another horse you will be at the top of our list~ Thanks!!!!! - Kathy Mumford in NC Tiny Tim

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