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2016 Buckskin TWH Gelding

 Tucker is a 4 1/2 year old buckskin TWH gelding that stands 15H. This guy is as friendly as he is pretty! You can catch him anywhere, but most of the time just call his name and he's on his way to you! He gets along great with other horses in the pasture and is not dominant. Tucker is a super trail horse and has a willing attitude to go anywhere you point him. He crosses creeks, logs, mud, and bridges with no issues. He is used to riding around lots of dogs, and is not spooked by them running past or around him. He rides alone or in groups with no issues and is fine leading or following. He is very respectful on the ground and stands tied quietly. Tucker is good for the vet and farrier. He has a new coggins. Tucker is a quiet natured horse but isn't lazy. He will walk all day on a loose rein but will step up and move out when asked to as well. He has a smooth gait but is not a speed demon. Tucker has been exposed to gun fire and took it like a pro even on the first day! He has no bad habits and still has his whole life ahead of him. He is sure to make someone a forever trail buddy! 

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