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Dillon Express

2006 SHOBA Bay Stallion
Stud Fee: $350

Dillon is a 15H bay stallion that is registered SHOBA (Single Footing Horse Owner's and Breeder's Association). He has an incredibly good nature about him... we take him on trail rides and camping trips and no one ever knows he is a stallion because he is so quiet and well behaved. His conformation is perfect and beautiful. His mane and tail are thick, long and flowing. He has a super smooth gait, all the way from his running walk up to his fastest gear. He will rack up to speeds about 25 mph with ease. He is sired by a well know speed racking stallion that is 1/2 standardbred and 1/2 TWH. His dam is full standardbred, making Dillon 3/4 Standardbred and 1/4 TWH. We feel this cross makes him extremely athletic, gives him a great disposition, and an extraordinary gait that is a true 4 beat gait at all speeds.


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